BAUFLOOR CREATIVO - micro concrete, creative, upscale, decorative flooring and wall finish

  • 2-3mm thick layer
  • exclusive, decorative, durable
  • texture, pattern can be imprinted, dust proof
  • good both for floors and walls, on concrete, wood, tiles, plasterboard, dry wall, furniture
  • for apartment, loft, studio, club, wet room, office.

BAUFLOOR ULTIMA - classic industrial floor for office, boutique, hotel lobby

  • glamour achieved by grinding
  • thin layer 8-15mm thick screed
  • heavy duty
  • abrasion resistant
  • colour range
  • attractive finish
  • maintenance free

X-FLOOR - grinded and polished concrete

You need more than grinding and polishing machine. Bautech Nanotechnology dealers are essential.

  • both old and new concrete slabs can be adopted for polished concrete flooring
  • ideal for lobbies
  • extremely durable, will last decades
  • heavy furniture moving
  • also ideal for warehouse, office, car showroom, supermarket

TERRAFLOOR - looks like marble or granit

Revolutionary decorative system of polished comment screeds imitating granite or marble but surprising them in terms of the design and colour capabilities. The use of nanotechnology provides a mirror finish surface and high resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, UV radiation, stains and makes it easy to clean. The very rich colours allows to tailor to both individual Client needs and the specific nature of the object. To be used on old and newly made concrete floor.

BAUPOX ELEGANCE - decorative epoxy resin flooring

May be smooth or anti-slip. Are chemical-proof. Available in wide range of colours and textures. Decorative flooring system intended for public utility buildings, social and utility rooms, and utility areas. Will withstand medium loads, wheel and pedestrian traffic.

PRESSBETON - pattern, texture and color, imprinted in concrete

Pressbeton may make thin layer ( laid on existing concrete surface ) or may make a construction with top, thin layer.

It's great for parking , pavements and driveways, as well as for reception halls, corridors with possible anti-slip finish.

For Vertical sections it will make facings imitating stone, wood brick, etc. It contain hard aggregate, high performance cements and proper admixtures and pigments. When applied on the foundation ( slab ), it creates a coloured, long lasting, very hard and smooth surface which may be modelled and in which shapes may be impressed.