Modern, sometimes even sculptural house extension intended to make transition space between the original interior house and its large garden and the views. This type of building extension has contrast structure form, create a unique sign of the original house. It may have one or two storey “pavilion”, designed in unique shape gesture. Glass wall and ceiling are to capture the stunning views. 

 One good option from the numerous extension ideas is to convert the garage into a glass-room to have a light, airy space with a more contemporary appeal.

Extension ideas would always have to consider the extent of what planning permission requires. There are certain aspects which would limit the extension of your house. 

To construct your extension or loft conversion to the highest standard, we select the most appropriate team of builders to deliver your specific requirements.  

Opening the existing kitchen and dining room into the new extension to form a large kitchen and living area is a very popular idea to bring more light and space into your home.