Project Management

Not only we do offer a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team that can tackle any brief and deliver quality you can trust every time, but we also make sure we complete on time and to a pre-agreed budget with total accountability. We’ll always keep you up to date on our progress and if there are improvements that could be made or value engineered savings to be had we’ll always be proactive in letting you know. We believe this proactive approach in providing an exceptional level of communication to consistently keep you informed is fundamental to a professional service.

By operating on the basis of cutting the bureaucracy so evident in the industry today to develop a more co-operative and collaborative approach, we can maximise efficiency and optimise organisation, leading to cost savings, effective scheduling and the highest standards possible.

Our traditional phased approach identifies a sequence of  5 steps to be completed:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning & Design
  3. Executing & Construction
  4. Monitoring & Controlling Systems
  5. Completion

Our management team always focuses on controlling the introduction of the desired change. This involves:

  1. Understanding the needs of stakeholders
  2. Planning what needs to be done, when, by whom, and to what standards
  3. Building and motivating the team
  4. Coordinating the work of different people
  5. Monitoring work being done
  6. Managing any changes to the project
  7. Delivering successful results.